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Rockstar Games Updated Their Website, Igniting Rumors Of ‘Bully 2’ And ‘GTA 6’ Being Released

Video game enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of Rockstar Games dropping sequels for two of their most beloved gaming titles — Grand Theft Auto and Bully. The only problem is that it is all speculation based on subtle changes on the Rockstar Games website.

Rockstar Games updated its website this week with some new artwork, and gamers are convinced that the changes indicate that a new game is going to be announced in the near future.

One image features a gold robot woman wearing heels embracing the Rockstar Games “R” and star logo. There is also a bucket of champagne nearby and rose petals on the ground.

— AllGamesDelta (@AllGamesDelta_) February 28, 2020

Some people thought that because the champagne bottle said “1998,” that the game would be set in the 1990s. However, it probably is a reference to the year that Rockstar Games was established.

— Warlord (@RealGeneralCaos) February 27, 2020

There was another image that said: “Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous. Bullying the weak.”

— GameRiot (@GameRiotArmy) February 28, 2020

People are convinced that Rockstar will announce that they are releasing Bully 2 because it said “bullying the weak.”

— CINEMATION (@TheCinemation) February 28, 2020

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Another sleuth believes that Rockstar is getting ready to announce GTA VI because there are 16 logos and “GrandTheftAutoVI” has 16 characters.

— GTA VI News & Leaks (@GTAVINR) February 27, 2020

There was this theory that Rockstar is releasing four different games — Max Payne, Manhunt, GTA6, and Bully 2.

Killing deams=Max Payne

Murdering people=Manhunt

Fighting the righteous=GTA6

Bullying the weak=Bully 2

— American Culture King (@TheOfficial_ACK) February 28, 2020

In 2016, Rockstar Games changed its Twitter logo to tease the reveal of Red Dead Redemption II.

There is speculation that Rockstar Games will release GTA VI for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X that debut in the 2020 holiday season.

Whether it is Bully 2, GTA 6 or L.A. Noire, we will gladly welcome any new Rockstar game. Whatever video game it is, it will be the first game announced since Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser left the company.

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Tony Romo Becomes Highest Paid NFL Analyst In TV History After Signing $17 Million A Year Contract With CBS

Tony Romo is staying put at CBS and he’s getting PAID.

According SBJ’s John Ourand, CBS and Romo agreed to a longterm deal.

— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) February 29, 2020

— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) February 29, 2020

Romo is getting paid $17 million a year by CBS.

Story up shortly.

— Andrew Marchand (@AndrewMarchand) February 29, 2020

— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) February 29, 2020

Apparently ESPN never made an offer for Romo despite previous reports.

— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) February 29, 2020


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3 College Basketball Games To Bet On This Saturday, February 29

We’re only 17 days away from Selection Sunday which means we’re just 19 days away from the start of the First Four games, we’re officially in that sweet spot of the college basketball season where these games really matter.

Let’s take advantage of some of the great games left on the schedule as the regular season winds down. We’ve circled three games we like on Saturday’s slate.

Last week’s record: 3-0

Vanderbilt +10.5

There’s nothing quite like a matchup between the two bottom-feeders of the SEC this late in the regular season, but that’s what we’ve got here with the Commodores visiting the Rebels.

After making a bit of noise with three straight wins, Ole Miss now finds itself on a four-game losing streak. Vanderbilt, on the other hand, is just 1-14 in the conference as the ‘Dores have lost 15 of their last 16 games overall.

Coming from a guy that’s watched almost every Ole Miss game this season it’s tough to envision this team getting up for this game at all. Sure, the Rebels have a serious difference-maker in Breein Tyree who’s one of the elite scorers in the nation, but I think we’ve officially hit that point of the season where Ole Miss is simply done with this year.

Vandy has a group of younger guys so they should be a bit hungrier as they hit the road in Oxford. Ole Miss wins a close one, but Vandy covers easy.

Maryland -2.5

We took the Terps in this matchup a couple of weeks ago in East Lansing and they didn’t fail us so we’re rolling with them this week at home against the Spartans yet again.

Maryland hasn’t necessarily looked like itself as of late coming off of a loss at Ohio State and an ugly win at Minnesota earlier in the week, but this is a team that’s unbeaten on its homecourt this season, which is something you simply can’t ignore with such a small spread.

The Spartans have picked up back-to-back wins since losing to this Maryland team two weekends ago, but they’re running into a team looking to get back on track in their own building and that’s not the best of situations to walk into.

Anthony Cowan and Jalen Smith were the best two players on the court two weeks ago and I think they have big days yet again. Maryland covers in a somewhat close game.

BYU -8.5

BYU is fresh off of their surprising yet also somewhat dominant win over Gonzaga last week and enters this regular-season finale with every bit of confidence imaginable. This is also a BYU team that beat up on Pepperdine by 27 points earlier on this season.

Pepperdine enters this contest losers of two of their last three including a tough, disappointing loss against San Francisco most recently. The Waves are also one of the worst rebounding and defensive teams in all of college basketball which isn’t a great combo when BYU is one of the highest-scoring teams in the country averaging over 80 points per game.

BYU’s offensive firepower is going to be far too much for Pepperdine and the Cougars are going to finish off their regular season on a nine-game winning streak in dominant fashion.


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Three NBA Players To Include In Your Friday Night Fantasy Lineups

**Editor’s Note: Kevin Dudzinki is ranked in the top 5% of all DFS players, according to, and has made a killing on fantasy since he started in 2013. Learn more about Kev HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE.*** 

It’s Friday. You’ve mailed it in for the week, and you’re killing time till the 5 o’clock whistle that leads you to the weekend. What can we do to kill some of this time? Well, let’s take a look at three guys I want in my lineups tonight on DraftKings where I try to grab some extra cash for the weekend.

Deandre Ayton PHO C $8100
Ayton gets a tasty matchup against the Pistons, who are the second worst team in the league against Centers. Since coming back from his 25 game suspension, Ayton has played really well, delivering on the promise he showed as the first overall pick two years ago. Ayton’s in a great spot, and for only $8100, his price feels a bit too cheap, and he should be able to eclipse the 50 fantasy point plateau this evening.

Serge Ibaka TOR C $5900
After a terrible game where he shot 2-15 against Milwaukee, I expect a lot of people to avoid playing Ibaka this evening. I think this is a mistake, as Charlotte is very bad against versatile big men like Ibaka. His price has dropped $800 in just two games, so we are getting a nice discount on him. For only $5900, we get a center who is taking around 13 shots per game, and grabs rebounds and has tremendous blocked shot upside, Ibaka could put up a massive game for us.

Mike Conley UTA PG $5100
Conley is not the fantasy stud that he once was in Memphis, but he’s still a solid player with good upside. Tonight, he gets the Wizards, one of the fastest teams in the NBA, and a team allergic to defense. They are especially awful against point guards, allowing the most fantasy points in the league to point guards. Conley for only $5100 should easily surpass his value this evening and rocket us up the leaderboards.

Good luck tonight, go get yourself some spending money for the weekend!


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NCAA Recommends A Number Of Rule Changes In College Football And, Shockingly, They Make Sense

The NCAA is under fire far more often than not. From royally screwing over student-athletes to having rules in place regarding confetti cannons – ask Clemson about that one – the NCAA is always in hot water.

With that being said, there is some positive news to report regarding the NCAA and college football and it has to do with proposed rule changes.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee met in Indianapolis this week and came up with some rule changes that – brace yourselves – actually make sense.

There were five rule changes discussed based on the NCAA’s story, but three really stand out above the rest.

– Players ejected for targeting can remain on bench
– No more than two players with the same number
– Officials jurisdiction starts 90 minutes prior to kickoff (it’s 60 now)
– Replay must be finished in less than two minutes

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) February 28, 2020

The first one is in regard to targeting and the idea that if a player does get ejected from the game they will no longer have to leave the field, instead, they can remain on the sideline and watch the conclusion of the game there.

It’s never made much sense that when a player gets ejected they have to go to the locker room. Now sure, if they throw a fit or something after the call then they could be asked to leave the field, but overall this rule change makes a lot of sense.

The next topic of discussion was duplicate numbers. If you look at a lot of football rosters you’ll notice there are three to four players listed with the same number, especially if the number is a historically popular one. The proposed rule change would limit the same number to only two players on any given roster.

No harm no foul there, but you best believe kids will complain about the fact they have to miss out on a favorite number because someone else got first dibs on the digits.

They also proposed the idea that the number 0 will be added as an official number, which will undoubtedly become a very popular number right away just like it is in basketball.

The last rule change to touch on is perhaps the biggest one that was proposed and that is that reviews take no longer than two minutes. Not one single human on the planet would be opposed to this rule change.

For the first time, the committee recommended a guideline for instant replay officials to complete video reviews in less than two minutes. Committee members think this proposal will increase the pace of play.

All rules proposals must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to discuss these proposed football rule changes on April 16.


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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle With Only 2 Letters Revealed Like A Complete Cyborg

I’ve never been all-in on Wheel of Fortune. I don’t enjoy it half as much as watching Jeopardy! probably because so much of the game is left up to chance there’s really not a ton of skill that goes into winning 90% of the puzzles.

With that said, the ‘Mythological Hero Achilles’ is easily one of my top-3 game show moments in history. We’re here to check out the clip below but before we get to that I just want to point out that I could watch this shit on repeat forever because it gets better with every loop:

— Cass Anderson (@casspa) February 5, 2019

Anyway, in one of the best displays of actual skill to ever show up on Wheel of Fortune this contestant solved a 5-word puzzle with only two letters revealed. Were they foolish for attempting to solve without revealing any more letters? Sure. They could’ve played this very differently and won some more money. Instead, she only won $650 but also scored a free trip to Peru thanks to this being a prize puzzle.

Again, she could’ve walked away with more $$$$ if she just spun the wheel. Ther’es always the risk of going bankrupt but there’s also the risk that you look like a complete dipshit when you try and solve a puzzle with only two letters revealed and get it wrong. It’s a miracle that she actually solved the puzzled because it could’ve been any number of responses. Still, it was impressive and fun to watch.

Shout out to For The Win for sharing this clip earlier today.


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Somehow This Snake Ate An Entire Beach Towel And Even More Amazing Is Watching A Vet Extract The Beach Towel

Snakes are carnivores and devour other animals such as rabbits, birds, frogs, fish, all in one mighty swallow. Apparently, they also enjoy eating beach towels on occasion.

We take you to Australia, because of course that’s where a huge snake gobbled up a beach towel. Monty is an 18-year-old female jungle carpet python, who ate a beach towel. Monty’s owners noticed that their snake was acting strangely and that they were also missing a beach towel. So they brought Monty to the vet.

Veterinarians at the Small Animal and Specialist Hospital (SASH) in Sydney found that Monty had eaten the towel. That had to be drier than your mom’s… meatloaf.

The vets were tasked with the unlucky job of attempting to extract the beach towel from the stomach of the 9-foot-long snake. What in the Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs is this about?

“Monty was anesthetized and radiographs were taken to confirm the location of the start of the towel,” the animal hospital wrote on their Facebook. “A flexible endoscope was placed down Monty’s gastrointestinal tract, which allowed us to visualize the end of the towel sitting in her stomach.”

“Do I have something in my teeth?”

Silly snek had swallowed a whole beach towel. Silly.

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) February 28, 2020

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but, towels aren’t food. hey Monty, maybe chill with the eating towels thing, you’re going to get towels banned the same way that turtles got straws banned. And paper bath towels are not going to cut it.

“With assistance from our internal medicine team, very long forceps were placed through the endoscope and used to grasp the towel,” the Facebook post read. “Once we had a good grip, the towel was able to be carefully removed from the gastrointestinal tract with endoscopic guidance.”

I feel like Monty missed a golden opportunity, one would surmise that you don’t need to wipe after crapping out an entire beach towel AKA a towel movement.

“It was smiles all round and we’re happy to report that both Monty and the beach towel have lived to see another day,” they said. “Monty was discharged from hospital the same day and her owner reports she is back to her happy, hungry self.”

So why exactly did a snake eat a towel? Wait. Did Monty recently go on a cruise? And while on the cruise did she get tricked into eating a towel?



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Stats Show That Telling Your Employees To Stay Home Sick Is Completely Pointless

An article came out today saying that 90% of Americans have shown up to work sick. Somehow, people are surprised. But the only thing surprising to me is that 10% of people have never shown up to work sick. What a bunch of pussies.

Have you ever gone to work sick? Of course you have. Unless you’re a complete hypochondriac bitch, you’ve sucked up some sniffles, ripped a few lines of Sudafed, and trooped in to the cube through a fog of shifting brain mucus. The flu game is the flu game because Jordan came to work. More broadly, athletes take cortisone shots and throw a double tape job on those high ankle sprains, coming back a week ahead of the trainer’s timetable; employees stuff a portable tissue pack in their pocket and brew a thermos of eucalyptus mint tea. Sure, you want to help the team, but you also don’t want everyone to think you’re a primadonna. And you especially don’t want to give your boss that impression.

Sometimes, there’s a thin line between milking it and what the fuck are you doing here? Obviously if you have a fever over 100, or you’re throwing up, or your skin is breaking out in something you’ve never seen before, you stay home. But it gets tricky with a cold, because everybody can technically type through a cold. We’re not going to hurt ourselves further by playing through a cold. At worst, you’ll prolong your recovery period by not getting the rest you need. Of course you’ll get everyone else sick in the process, but it’s usually tough to trace the outbreak back to you, patient zero.

Colds are the back pain of sick days—tough to know how bad it is, and often doubted by those around us. We don’t feel bad for people with colds. We either want to stay the fuck away from them or we doubt the veracity of their carrier. Because everybody has used a cold to get out of something: a date, a birthday party, helping your buddy move. It’s the perfect scapegoat because it’s usually gone in a day or two, so if you see the person shortly after your cancelled plans, it’s possible that your now-perfect health is a product of your 5G immune system. “I got a lot of sleep, took some Emergen-C” you might say, and that’s the end of that.

If you’re the boss of a company, telling your employees not to come to work sick is about as useless as telling them not to date each other. If you don’t want me to flirt with a coworker, don’t subsidize an open bar at the Christmas party. If you don’t want me to come to work with a cold, don’t give me a job that requires daily oversight. That’s straight from the CDC, brother.

Colds are so common that we actually call them “the common cold.” You don’t hear that about any other disease. There’s no “common shingles” or “run-of-the-mill epileptic fit.” It happens every year, to pretty much everyone, and there’s nothing you can do about it. At least that’s the case most years. Right now, we’re dealing with a cold of a different nature—one that kills grandparents and Chinese whistleblowers. And when the term “pandemic” gets thrown around, all the old rules about coming to work sick get thrown out the window.

But in general, we go to work with a cold. Especially on a Monday and a Friday. If you take a sick day on a Monday or a Friday, everyone thinks you’ve snuck off for a covert long weekend. How convenient that you came down with a cold after day-drinking 17 bud lights on NFL Sunday. What a coincidence that clogged sinuses didn’t stop you from that first chairlift at Vail. The only safe way to call in sick with a cold is by showing up to work on a Monday or Tuesday, letting everyone loudly know that you’re getting sick (lay the foundation), and then calling in EARLY, BEFORE WORK the next morning to say that you’re so sorry, you tried everything, you went to the doctor, you got 14 hours of sleep, but you just think it would be better for everyone else if you took this Wednesday off. And with that, you’re a hero.

Someday, we’ll have sick detectors at the office. Like a metal detector, you’ll walk through a scanner that will scan your immune system for harmful pathogens and viruses. If you don’t make the cut, you turn right around and work from home. But until that day comes, you can expect to get a cold at work. And no amount of fist-bumps or Purell can stop it.

— CNBC Make It (@CNBCMakeIt) February 28, 2020


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Study Comparing How Single Millennial Men and Women Spend Their Money Shows Both Sexes Are Equally Broke

Millennials get a pretty bad rap. They have reportedly millennials “ruined” numerous things like American cheese, razors, mayonnaise, divorce, sex, big beer, voting, baby names, neighborhoods, tipping, cooking, their parents’ savings, Secret Santa, and even their own life expectancy.

Now, a new study conducted by financial technology company SmartAsset comparing how single millennial men and women spend their money reveals that regardless of sex they are both broke as fuck.

Using expenditure data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), SmartAsset analyzed how single men and women between the ages of 25 and 34 typically spend their annual income across categories like food, housing, healthcare and entertainment.

What they learned is that the average post-tax income for a man between the ages of 25 and 34 was roughly $41,800, according to data from the BLS 2017-2018 Consumer Expenditure Survey. And on average, millennial men spent close to $42,000 over the year.

Do that math.

The financial situation is no better for millennial women.

The average post-tax income for a woman between those same ages was about $38,600 and they spent approximately $39,100 per year.

A few more highlights from the study include…

• Millennial men tend to earn and spend more. BLS data shows that, on average, single men (between the ages of 25 and 34) earned $3,215 more post-tax and spent $2,848 more annually than single women of the same age.

• Spending diverges most on reading & education and alcohol and tobacco. Millennial women spent more than double the amount men spent on reading and education and less than half of what men spent on alcohol and tobacco.

Here a visual breakdown of the average allocation of millennial spending by sex…

And here it is broken out by dollar amount on average…

Learn even more by checking out the complete study over at


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Where Would Tom Brady Leaving The Patriots Stack Up Against The Most Shocking Departures In The History Of Sports?

The 2019 season came to an early end for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (at least by their standards), and as he prepares to explore his options for the first time in his career, TB12’s future with the only NFL team he’s ever played for is now in question two decades after he joined them.

It seems like every day there are rumblings about Brady’s future, with many indications that his time with the Patriots could actually be over.

Brady is almost inarguably the most dominant quarterback of all time and one of the few players in all of sports who have become synonymous with a single franchise. Even though his departure from New England seems more imminent by the day, it doesn’t change how shocking it would be.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that an athlete who was the face of a franchise threw on a new uniform (whether it was their choice or not) so let’s take a look at some of the most notable pivots in sports history.

As a native of nearby Akron, Ohio, LeBron James becoming the heir apparent to the Cleveland Cavaliers throne right out of high school was like something out of a fairy tale.

LeBron played seven seasons with the Cavs during his first go-around with the team, reaching the playoffs five times and managing to get to the Finals during the 2006-07 campaign. There were ups and downs during the stretch but the promise of eventually bringing that elusive championship home to Cleveland seemed all but certain.

Until…The Decision.

James became a free agent on July 1, 2010, and a week after meeting with a number of teams—including the Cavaliers—he announced his decision on a 75-minute live special broadcasted by ESPN where he took forever to reveal he was “taking his talents to South Beach.”

LeBron signed with the Heat and Cleveland’s hopes for an NBA championship—as well as tons of LeBron James jerseys—went up in flames.

He’d win a pair of titles in Miami before returning home and guiding the Cavs to a championship of their own. Of course, LeBron would skip town again in 2018—that time to the Los Angeles Lakers—but that was nowhere near as shocking as the first time he peaced out.

The Indianapolis Colts rode the struggle bus for over a decade following their infamous move from Baltimore but their fortunes changed when they drafted Peyton Manning with the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

From that point on, Manning was the face of the Colts. The team morphed into perennial contenders with the quarterback under center and a slew of sure-handed receivers for him to throw to.

He’d lead Indianapolis to a Super Bowl XLI win over the Bears in 2007 and another appearance in Super Bowl XLIV that ended in a loss to the Saints. He also racked up four MVP awards while with the team and had an impressive laundry list of other honors and accolades.

However, in 2012, the Colts owed Manning a $28 million roster bonus and had the recently-drafted Andrew Luck waiting in the wings so the team ultimately decided to release its franchise player. After meeting with several suitors, Manning was convinced by John Elway to sign with the Denver Broncos.

It worked out pretty well for him, as Manning’s tenure in the Mile High City featured two Super Bowl appearances (including another victory) before his retirement in 2016.

As for the Colts? Yeah, not so much.

The Great One wasn’t just the face of the Edmonton Oilers back in the 1980s—he was the face of the entire sport of hockey.

Gretzky started his career in the World Hockey Association as a member of the Indianapolis Racers. With the Racers facing dire financial straits, Gretzky was sent to Edmonton. Once the WHA went under in 1979, four teams—the Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, and Hartford Whalers—merged with the National Hockey League.

In the 1980s, the Oilers were loaded with future Hall of Famers and were dominant throughout the decade, winning four Stanley Cups while led by Gretzky.

Then, The Trade happened.

Following their Cup win in 1988, the Oilers decided to shop Gretzky before finding a trade partner in the form of the Los Angeles Kings. Gretzky, Marty McSorely, and Mike Krushylniski (both of whom Gretzky demanded be part of any deal involving him) were sent to LA in return for Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, $15 million, and first-round draft picks in 1989, 1991, and 1993.

It wasn’t just Oilers fans who were upset about the development; virtually all of Canada was heartbroken. Seeing the Canadian-born face of a sport leave the country it was invented in depart seemed unconscionable.

While Gretzky would never hoist the Cup with the Kings (or with the Blues or Rangers) his presence in an American market was huge for the game of hockey. It might’ve gotten a bit messy at the time but tempers eventually cooled and The Great One returned to the Oilers as a partner and vice-chairman of the team’s parent company, where he still sits today.

All of these moves caused ripples in the fabric of their respective sports but none of them resulted in “curses”—except for this one.

Babe Ruth began his Major League Baseball career in 1914 with the Boston Red Sox. The Great Bambino got off to a bit of a slow start, but eventually, he began to get into a groove as he honed his hitting prowess.

With Ruth on board, the Red Sox won the World Series in 1915, 1916, and 1918. Following the third championship, Ruth got a job at a steel mill in Pennsylvania to avoid being entrenched (literally) in World War I before rejoining the team for the 1919 season after the conflict ended.

However, in 1920, Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees, effectively stoking the flames of an already heated rivalry.

While playing for the Bronx Bombers, Ruth would see continued success that helped build his reputation as one of the most legendary baseball players ever while batting alongside the likes of Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri.

The Red Sox, on the other hand, were doomed to decades of misfortune and suffering thanks to the “Curse of The Bambino,” which lasted 86 years before it was finally broken with the Boston’s 2004 World Series victory.

Hopefully the people of New England don’t have to wait that long for the Patriots to win another Super Bowl if Brady ends up leaving.


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